Privacy Policy

The purpose of this website is to introduce the business and services of THE DOG COMPANY INC.
(referred to “we” from this point on).

Personal Information Protection Policy
We put our utmost importance in protecting your personal information by emphasizing the core
principles of privacy protection to all our staff and employees.

Personal Information Management
In order to ensure proper and safe management of the most recent or accurate version of your
personal information, and to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, unauthorized amendments, data
breaches, etc., we have taken measures such as putting in place security and management systems,
and providing thorough education to all our employees.

Personal Information Collection and Usage
We will collect personal information such as your name, e-mail address, contact number when you
register to send an enquiry via our website. This information will be used only to contact you with
regards to your enquiry, via e-mail or promotional materials.

Prohibition of Third Party Distribution
We will not disclose or share your personal information with any third party except under the
following conditions:
1. An agreement to disclose them have been received from you.
2. Specific needs of your enquiry require a third party to have access to the information
3. As required by the law

Safety Strategy
We will take measures to ensure that we have the highest security in place to protect your personal

Request for Personal Information
We will require an identification check before we attend to your request to access, amend or delete
your personal information stored with us.

Legal Requirements
We will amend our policy to fall in line with the latest legal requirements for personal information

You can contact us at the following address if you have any enquiries regarding our personal
information policy.

19F Hitachi Solutions Tower B
4-12-6 Higashi Shinagawa
Japan 140-002

TEL. 03-6433-0163 (Representative) / FAX. 03-5715-5566

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